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Here's the secret about choosing the best essay service: Think about what you would do if you owned an essay service website.

If you owned an essay service, you might create a meeting place for writers and customers to find each other, but you'll still have to find a way to attract the most qualified, experienced writers, AND you have to be able to show customers that you are trustworthy.

Some websites sell plagiarized material and they don't even have real writers, so they can steal your customers by offering very low prices.

Some websites outsource the work to uneducated writers in poor nations, and that's another way they beat your prices.

How can you offer high-quality writing and get customers to choose you over the scam websites? Many customers will accept the lowest price and get a worthless paper, and then they never feel okay about buying a paper in the future.

However, there really are people who want to buy high quality, original papers, and they need to know how to make intelligent decisions about a custom essay writing website. Why not look at the most trusted essay services on the Internet? The oldest is probably and I can tell you about it because I used to be one of the writers. ; -)

1. registered with the Better Business Bureau in 2007 and kept an "A" rating ever since.

2. They do not resell your essay/paper three months after they sell it to you (many companies do).

3. Writers and clients communicate directly by email while the work is being completed.

4. If you tell them a paper is not exactly right, they quickly arrange a rewrite.

5. They focus on impressing customers and building a lifelong relationship of trust, so customers will hire them again and again even after graduation -- for writing and editing jobs, resume/cover letters, web content, professional bios, cover letters, any kind of writing task.

6. All the above points show the importance of building TRUST with customers. Some customers do the research to find out which essay services have been registered with the Better Business Bureau for several years. Others will choose the lowest price and get a worthless paper. But if even one person finds a trustworthy company like that person will probably tell some friends, and all of them will continue to place orders year after year, because it's so hard to find a trustworthy essay service.

Real People With Real Solutions

The best writing/editing service needs a large team of writers, including specialists in many different fields and qualified to help with capstone projects, thesis papers, dissertations, and essays on any research topic.

People who order every semester from usually have one or two favorite writers who usually work for them. The writers appreciate it when they are requested, and the company likes to hear customers' feedback about the writers. If you have a very difficult assignment, two writers might work together to come up with a solution. These are real people with plenty of experience finding creative solutions for any assignment. You can go to the site right now and start a Live Chat with one of the writers or a company representative. It's also okay to request a price quote and discuss your project even if you're not sure whether you want to place an order.

So if you want to know the difference between a legitimate essay service and a useless one, the first step is to look for a company that focuses on building trust and long term relationships with customers.

However, there is also something more...

The Best Essay Writers Go Where They Are Treated Best is not the only company that has real people writing original papers. If you want to find the best writers, look for a company that seems to focus on excellence not only in their dealings with customers but also in their dealings with writers. Customers can get the best essays by ordering from the website that is most respectful and appreciative of the writers.

So let's think like one of the writers: If you make a living writing essays, research papers, dissertations, and articles, how do you choose where to find work? The first consideration is “Who will give me a job?” You have to be good at what you do. The best essay services hold writers to the highest standards of quality.

If you are an excellent writer, you can find work through any of the essay websites (the ones that are not total scams). Anyone who can write a paper certainly can find a website that will send them some work.

But if you are one of the best writers, you deserve the chance to freelance through a website that pays well and uses excellent communication. An impressive website with excellent customer service makes the writer's work much more enjoyable. You need to be able to help graduate students design original research studies, help English language learners improve their grammar, research any topic, respond quickly to challenges, and always make the customer's success your top priority.

Think Like an Industry Professional, and Trust Your Intuition of a Student

So now you have the inside information about this industry: Half of the essay services are scams, and the other half are very bad, very good, or somewhere in between. At the time I am writing this article, I believe they are the best, and I am biased in their favor because I met some of my best customers during the seven years I spent as one of their writers. I am not getting paid to promote them here, and the purpose of this article really is to help people know how make an informed decision. Trust your own ideas and intuition. By thinking like someone who works in this industry, you can make a smart decision about which essay service to choose.