Essay Writing Business Advertising

... Honesty Is the Best Policy...

What will make college students choose your essay writing business instead of your competitors? You'll find a lot of options when you search Google for essay services, for example:

Essay Service Advertising
Essay Service Advertising

This article explains a powerful strategy for breaking into the academic writing industry: honesty with no tricks or surprises for customers.

People trying to choose a custom essay writing service are already skittish and stressed out, so they want to find a website that uses extreme simplicity and honesty in advertising. Candor and clarity enable customers to relax after placing an order. The best thing you can do is make your customers comfortable every step of the way and send them a paper that is even better than they expected. Then, suggest to them that they might tell some friends you are a trustworthy essay writing service.

Honesty is the best policy in the essay writing business because...

You are already offering a product in high demand. Your customer's main concern is this: How to find an essay writing service I can trust. This industry has two defining characteristics: extremely high demand, and serious concerns about trust and confidentiality. Students need to know they can trust you. They want to be sure you aren't selling their email addresses to spammers or sending plagiarized, prewritten material.

Honesty is the best policy, because there is an abundance of demand for reliable essay writing services. There is no demand for a service that pretends to be something it's not.

Be exactly who you say you are, and do what you say you will do. Charge enough to achieve your financial goals while mitigating loss, and enjoy steady growth from word-of-mouth advertising. Do not play any tricks on customers. Do not use any fine print. Do not resell the same paper to more than one customer. Ever.

This article is meant for people who already know the basics...

But we'll review the basics of online marketing anyway. You will not get noticed until you have a strong web presence, and then it is impossible not to be noticed.

1. Post a press release on a press release website, like PRNewswire.

2. Participate in essay writing and research industry forums, such as

3. Get a backlink from a blog: For example, contact a blogger with strong search engine rank and suggest them to write a guest post about your company. Bloggers are trying to get popular enough to be able to make money legitimate advertising, so they will probably be glad to hear from you.

4. Create a blog and have fresh content added to it once or more each week. As of 2013, people enrolled in college programs about web promotion are taught that Google favors pages with at least 300 words of content.

5. Post your essay writing coupons and deals on sites like or

6. Post your academic writing offers on

7. Post your custom writing and research service ads on

You can use Google's Key Word Research Tool to determine the most important phrases to be included in this content. The expression, "Content is king" is used very often in Internet marketing, and what it really means is, "Google is king." Google knows that good content cannot be faked, and the company is constantly striving to ensure people who use its search engine can find real content that is exactly what it appears to be.

Many other factors also influence page rank, and of course those factors are always changing, so it's important to do some research and become an SEO expert.

Target the customers who are already looking for a reputable essay service.

Every day, spend a few minutes to search Google for an essay service. You will have a different perspective and gather new ideas each day as a result. You'll think of new search terms to use each day. Maybe you will add new keywords to the list of keywords you use to promote your essay writing business. It's important for you (or your consultant) to stay aware of what people experience when they search for an essay writing service.

Also, spend a few minutes searching for your own domain name to see what people find when they research you. If someone has posted a negative comment about you in a forum, it can be devastating to business. You or your consultant must take steps to ensure that people who search for you will find what you want them to find. Potential customers might use search terms like these:

It sure is a good idea to hire a writer to publish some content that includes those terms. If you have a blog or web page with a lot of useful content, it improves your credibility with potential customers. If people have written believable reviews about you, this also improves credibility.

Word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful advantage you can have. It is useful for targeting BOTH types of customers: people who would never have realized essay writing services existed, and people who may already be looking for a reputable site. The nature of this industry makes W-of-M marketing especially valuable, because the only sure way for a new customer to know they can trust your work is to speak to someone who has already pioneered the experience of ordering from you.

Target the customers who do not yet know they need an essay service.

Some of your customers will be people who never thought about hiring an essay writing service until they stumbled upon your advertisement. Advertising to these potential customers might cause you a problem, because you will also be advertising to the people who think essay writing services are unethical. It is possible that they will take steps to sabotage you or waste your time.

However, if you are just starting your service you don't have so much to lose. How about a radio commercial? You may be able to negotiate a discounted rate if you allow the station to mention your website in a way that is funny or interesting. No need to make a commercial, just offer to pay for some mention of your domain name and for some key phrase to be mentioned. This will get you some hits if you have a domain that is easy to remember.

Social media websites represent another great resource for advertising your service, and you can actually ask people to try out your service as a way of offering you support. People like to be appreciated. There is no shame in asking people for some business and promising to do well for them... as long as you really do invest enough in making sure customers have good outcomes.

Reach out to students in every way you can. Get them to try the service. Can you write a blog intended for students struggling to keep up with their classes? Can you find some online communities of such students and get involved? Use the power of the Internet to reach out to your potential customers. There is no need to spam anyone; you can offer a gift, maybe a free ebook about research writing strategies. Start or join some online communities for college students to talk about writing, and enjoy the process of gathering customers, winning their trust.

The customer who has never thought of hiring an essay writing service may consider the idea after hearing a commercial about it or receiving an invitation or free gift from you. At some point, though, most customers are likely to search the Internet to research you. For this reason, there is tremendous value in asking an SEO expert for an email consultation. They will try to impress you by offering the best advice they have to offer, hoping you will hire them to promote your site.

One great advertising strategy is like this:

1. Go to Elance and hire someone to post a press release, promote you in a forum, and write a blog about you. You'll get many proposals from writers who do not have strong English grammar, and you should avoid them because it is important that content about your essay service is written with excellent grammar.

2. Hire an SEO expert to look at your site and all the content, and give an email consultation to provide some advice about what else you can do to improve your web presence.

3. Hire a different Elancer to complete the tasks recommended by the SEO expert.

4. Hire a different SEO expert for a consultation.

5. Repeat step three to carry out the tasks recommended by the SEO expert, or hire the SEO expert to edit the site and content.

After completing those steps above, you will have spend a few hundred dollars and you will have a web presence that reflects the expertise of two different SEO experts as well as two different content writers.

To conclude, I'll reiterate the main message of this article: In a complex, very young industry characterized by high demand and a serious need for trust, you can do very well if you provide exactly the kind of help that you claim to provide. Advertising should be full of candor and clarity. As soon as you stray from that guiding principle, you become one of the many essay scam companies.