Why Purchasing a Cheap Custom Essay

... Is a Very Bad Decision...

When it's time to buy new clothes, I like to buy the cheapest possible pants, shirts, and dresses I can find. I make sure to get items created from the flimsiest, poorest-quality materials known to humanity, make sure they are put together by people who don't know what they are doing, on machinery that is sub-standard, and in conditions that are terrible for the environment. I also ensure that the clothes I purchase are destined to fall apart in a few months at most, so that I can go out and spend that money all over again. The main thing is to spend as little money as possible, even though, in the end, having to spend that money many times over will result in a larger cash output overall.

Cheap Custom Essays
Cheap Custom Essays

Do I sound like a smart consumer? Does any of what I just wrote make sense? Of course not! When we need to purchase something, whether it's clothing or a new car, we all know that quality and price are related. The higher the price, the higher the quality. Of course, that's a rough statement and doesn't always play out exactly like that, but in general, this holds true. So, when it's time to buy new clothes, if I'm really smart, I'm going to purchase the best possible clothes within my budget – not the cheapest ones I can find. I would rather have a sweater that lasts me five years than one that falls apart in a month.

This same reasoning should take place when making decisions about what kind of model essay to purchase. All too often, people decide to go with the cheapest possible academic writing company, whether or not they have to based upon their budget. And that's the key thing, of course: what is really within any given individual's budget. Certainly, if the only model paper one can purchase is the lowest priced paper, then that will have to do. But most people, if they really look, will find that they can upgrade at least a level or two, and often more than that. Why should they? There are many reasons to avoid the cheap model academic paper options. Here are the two most important among them.

First and foremost, consider who is working for these low-priced companies. If a company only charges you $10 per page, then you know they are paying their writers as low as $3 per page. Given that the current minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 an hour, that means that writers need to produce about 2.5 pages per hour to get up to simply minimum wage. There are not many professional writers in this country who are willing to do that, to be honest, particularly since they can make far more money per hour doing other work.

So that means that these cheap companies need to outsource to places like India or Pakistan; places where earning $3 per page feels like a fair deal (even when it is not). That would be fine if writers in these places tended to speak English as their native language, but that is not the case. Further, even when it is the case, Indian English (for example) is very different from US English. That means that those companies that use these writers will consistently produce papers that clearly were written by a non-native English speaker.

When these companies do use US-born writers, they are either working with the least-qualified writers available – those who are willing to work for very low pay – or else they are working with writers who copy and paste their way through five or six pages an hour just to earn a living wage. That means you will end up with a plagiarized paper. Either way – poor quality or plagiarized content – model papers from cheap companies are simply not worth it.

The second most important reason to spring for a few more bucks when purchasing a model essay is the higher level of customer service you will receive. When there are mistakes spread throughout the model essay you got from a less-expensive place, do you think the helpful staff will still be helpful? Do you think you will hear back from those same customer service people who were falling all over themselves to make a sale? If you do, then think again. These places are designed to make the sale, not to make sure you get what you need.

Chances are, whether the problem is a bad writer or poor customer service, you will end up with a model essay that's as useless as a cheap pair of pants after it's put through a heavy wash. That means you'll need to either pay someone else to fix it or else buy a whole other one. And that, in turn, means that you would have saved money had you sprung for the higher-quality paper in the first place.

The lesson is simple: don't be cheap when it comes to model essays. If your budget will truly allow for a higher-quality paper, then get it. You'll be happy you did.